Torch Wireless Free Tablet

How to Get Torch Wireless Free Tablet?

You can get torch wireless free tablet is not an impossible task. Torch Wireless is a leading service provider in Wisconsin. The Torch Wireless Free Tablet Program offers a variety of benefits to low-income people, including free minutes, texts, data, and smartphones.

Torch Wireless participates in the federal Lifeline program, which provides free minutes, messages, data, and smartphones to eligible families. In addition, torch wireless offers an affordable connectivity program (ACP). low-income families can get free broadband service.

Torch free tablets have larger displays than smartphones, ranging from 8 to 12 inches. Tablets can be used to take pictures, write documents, watch movies, make phone calls, and send text messages. Additionally, students can get online education.

If you qualify for Torch Wireless’ Lifeline or Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), you can get a torch wireless free tablet.

How to Get Torch Wireless Free Tablet?

Torch Wireless Free Tablet

If you want to get a free Torch wireless tablet, you must apply for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). The program offers discounts to those who qualify. which allows them to buy a laptop, desktop, or tablet.

To get a free Torch Wireless Tablet, you follow the steps below:

If you meet the criteria in the Affordable Connectivity Program, you can apply for a Torch wireless free tablet.

  1. Sign up for an affordable connectivity program:
  2. Choose any of the three simple methods available for registration:
  3. Register online
  4. Visit a participating store
  5. Contact the program’s customer support.
  6. Complete the application:
  7. Fill the required application form with accurate information.
  8. Double check your details to avoid any mistakes that may affect your eligibility.

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Torch Wireless Sim Card Activation

To activate your Torch Wireless SIM card, follow these steps:

  1. Insert the Torch Wireless SIM card into your phone’s SIM card slot.
  2. Turn on your phone. You will then receive a welcome message or notification confirming activation.
  3. If a message appears, enter any required activation codes or follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. Then your Torch Wireless SIM card will be activated.

Torch Free Tablet Benefits

  1. The device is available for a nominal fee of just $11. The Torch Wireless Free tablet is larger than a smartphone and offers a variety of features including capturing photos, typing documents, watching movies, making calls and sending texts.
  2. Tablets have large screens ranging from 7 to 12 inches. In it you will get a reliable mid-range tablet operating on Windows operating system. It will include a SIM card slot, which allows you to insert Torch Wireless’ SIM for calls and texts.
  3. The free Torch Wireless Mobile Broadband plan is valued at $50 per month. Allows you to access mobile data services on a free tablet.
  4. Additionally you can get a free SIM card. Which you can use to connect your tablet with a free monthly data plan.

Torch Wireless ACP

Torch Wireless participates in the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). It helps eligible consumers facing challenges affording Internet access. However, you should note that Torch Wireless ACP benefits are only accessible to customers who meet the eligibility requirements set by the program. The program allows one benefit per household and is not transferable to others.

Qualification for the Torch Wireless ACP is determined by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) National Verifier System. To be eligible for the program, applicants must meet certain primary eligibility criteria, including:

Participation in government-supported programs such as Medicaid and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

Eligibility based on annual household income that falls below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines.

Additionally, applicants must prove their income or participation in specified government-assisted programs to confirm their eligibility for the Torch Wireless ACP.

Under the Torch Wireless ACP program, qualified applicants can receive a $100 discount when purchasing a smartphone or tablet through the program. Eligible low-income households can take advantage of a $35 or $75 discount on Internet service, making it more affordable.

How to Qualify for Acp Program for Torch Wireless Free Tablet?

To qualify for ACP through income eligibility, your household should have a gross annual income of 200% or below. To prove that your household falls under the low-income category, you will need to provide supporting documents, which may include any of the following:

  1. Prior year’s federal, state, or Tribal tax return.
  2. Child support award, divorce decree, or any other official document with income information.
  3. Federal/Tribal notice letter of participation in General Assistance.
  4. Latest income statement from your current employer or a paycheck stub.
  5. Unemployment/Workers’ Compensation statement of benefits.
  6. Veterans Administration statement of benefits.

To qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) under Torch Wireless, you may also be eligible through participation in certain government assistance programs, including:

  1. Federal housing assistance
  2. Medicaid
  3. Programs for Alaska Natives, American Indians, or Native Hawaiians
  4. School Breakfast Program
  5. Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  6. Veterans pension or survivor benefits
  7. SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)
  8. WIC (Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children)

Additionally, eligibility may be obtained through specific tribal programs, such as Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance, Tribal Head Start, Tribal TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families), and the Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations.

You need to avail only one of the above programs to apply for ACP. The document showing that is given here

  1. Benefit award letter
  2. Benefit verification letter
  3. Approval letter
  4. Statement of Benefits

Torch Wireless Customer Service Number

You can call Torch wireless customer service phone number 1-855-467-8743 to get more information about Torch wireless free tablet.

Torch Wireless Phones Compatible List:

Torch Wireless is a provider of telecommunications services that offers a variety of phones from different manufacturers.

Below is a list of compatible phone brands:

  1. Samsung Galaxy phone
  2. Motorola Moto phone
  3. Nokia phone
  4. Kyocera phone
  5. LG Phone
  6. Alcatel phone
  7. Apple iPhone
  8. ZTE phone
  9. BLU phone
  10. TCL Phone

Torch Wireless Tablet Data Plans

Rate Time Minutes Messages Data International Notes
$20.00 30 days unlimited unlimited 1 GB Mobile Hotspot
$30.00 30 days unlimited unlimited 3 GB Mobile hotspot
$40.00 30 days unlimited unlimited 5 GB Mobile hotspot


This article provides information on how to get a free tablet from Torch Wireless through the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). Torch Wireless is a wholesale provider of phone services in Wisconsin that works with the Lifeline program. It’s a federal benefit program that offers free minutes, texts, data and smartphones to qualifying needy families.

ACP, an FCC benefit program, provides discounts on Internet service, making it more affordable for essential needs such as work, healthcare, and education.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Torch Wireless Free Tablet Program?

Torch Wireless Free Tablet, an impressive offering by Torch Wireless, a dedicated service provider based in Wisconsin. This feature-packed tablet is part of the Lifeline Program, a federal initiative providing eligible households with complimentary talk time, text messages, data, and devices.

How Can I Qualify for a Torch Wireless Free Tablet ?

1. Check if you qualify for the ACP program and thus a Torch Wireless free tablet.
2. Get ready for the application process by preparing the required information and documentation in advance.
3. Apply for the Torch Wireless ACP program.
4. If approved, enjoy the received benefits.

How to Apply for the Torch Wireless Free Tablet?

To apply for Torch’s ACP program and potentially receive an almost-free tablet, you should follow these steps: Visit Enter your ZIP code in the provided search box. Press Start. If the company’s benefits are available in your area, you will immediately be redirected to its online application form.

How to Get for the Torch Wireless Free Tablet?

1. Sign up for an affordable connectivity program:
2. Choose any of the three simple methods available for registration:
3. Register online
4. Visit a participating store
5. Contact the program’s customer support.
6. Complete the application:
7. Fill the required application form with accurate information.
8. Double check your details to avoid any mistakes that may affect your eligibility.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Obtaining a Torch Wireless Free Tablet?

1. Affordability: Obtain a valuable device for a small fee, suitable for individuals on a limited budget.
2. Connectivity: Stay connected to the internet through the Affordable Connectivity Program’s discounted internet service.
3. Versatility: Use the tablet for various activities like browsing, entertainment, and education.
4. Learning Opportunities: Access educational resources and online learning platforms.
1. Device Limitations: Free tablets may have limitations compared to higher-end tablets.
2. Potential Restrictions: Certain restrictions may be imposed by Torch Wireless or the ACP.
3. Dependency on Torch Wireless: You may become dependent on Torch Wireless’s services and network coverage.
4. Limited Support and Warranty: Free tablets may have limited support and warranty options compared to manufacturer-purchased tablets.

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